Zig Memory System Writer – Black


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The ZIG Writer pen features water based pigment. These pens are photo safe, acid free, lightfast and odourless. Xylene free, they are perfect for scrapbooking and cardmaking. The twintipped marker provides a 0.5mm tip and a 1.2mm tip along with a vast array of colours to choose from.

The twin-tipped metallic writers add the perfect effect to any dark coloured papers when wanting to brighten up your projects. Different to other metallic markers within the market, they do not possess a valve-action method so they are easy to work with and you do not run the risk of getting blobs of ink all over your work.

The marker has a 0.5 mm tip on one end and a 1.2mm tip on the other. Ideal for “Dot” lettering. Water-based pigment ink, photosafe, acid free, lightfast, odorless and xylene free.

Waterproof, archival quality. Ideal for scrapbooking and paper crafts and especially effective on dark coloured papers.


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