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Paints Paints Paint

G’day everyone,

I knew I had to put something up here to keep you all informed, and as always I have no idea what to write, we have so many new things in store!

Every day we get more stock in, and Yvonne has been putting it up on our website as it arrives in, it has been a MAMMOTH task, and to be honest, I still can’t work out what we need to do on the website, so I will keep doing these amazing blogs!

I thought I better highlight some of our new stock, we now have over 50 colours in our Jo Sonya paint range in series 1 and series 2

Jo Sonya Paints

I feel proud to be able to supply local artists with what they need, therefore we also have a collection of brushes too! Sable, Deer Foot, Synthetic, etc as well as 0,1,2,4, and other sizes. If you are after a particular brush we can source it.

Some Brushes

so to finalise off this Post, blog, or whatever we call it now days

See ya!