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M4 Sherman Early Production
With approximately 50,000 units produced during WWII, the U.S. Army’s series of M4 Sherman tanks were one of the driving forces behind Allied victory. Designed for efficient mass production and including room for future modifications, the M4 series boasted superior ground performance with excellent reliability. Amongst the many variants produced, the early production M4 featured an angular shaped welded hull, a cast turret loaded with a 75mm M3 cannon and a 350hp air-cooled gasoline engine. The M4 Sherman saw action in North Africa and throughout Europe, including serving in the Normandy and Italian campaigns.

Die-cast lower hull allows you for the first time to get a true sense of the weight of the Sherman. For an easy finish, the die-cast lower hull comes pre-applied with primer. For added accuracy, model features finely detailed interlocking plastic tracks with straight upper and lower sections molded as single pieces.

1/48 scale assembly model of the early production M4 Sherman.
Overall length: 119mm Surface texture and imperfections including weld marks on chassis and smooth cast turret accurately reproduced.
Die-cast chassis for extra weight and enhanced realism.
Assembly type tracks, with straight upper and lower tracks made of single piece.
Comes with decals for 3 different markings.


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