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Welcome to the new world….

Greetings all, not sure how this will work, you may have noticed this is our first blog.

Today we started changing our shop from being a community-focused retail outlet to an online workspace, we can only have 6 people in our space as per the new rules at the moment.

Every hour it seems we are changing what we all have to do, however, the main thing is…… stay inside, stay away from everyone…. keep your loved ones safe. we will all come out the other end of this, maybe with more skills and toilet paper!

Yvonne & I will be working bloody hard behind the scenes to get the things you need to continue the craft, not just the things, but the skills. We are trying to work out our website, so please let us know what we need to ask the young ones to fix, of course, this will be done remotely and in isolation, in the meantime, you can ring us on 0404 561 704 and we can deliver anything you need. Gary will be going out to work to help others so we will be using ALL precautions to protect him and others, this will also enable him to do some deliveries of goods for people, however, it will be on a day to day basis, as life at the moment.

Lots of love to all our loved ones,

Gary & Yvonne

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