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What Is Cardmaking?

Receiving a handmade card is an amazing and wonderful experience in an increasingly digital environment. It’s a small piece of artwork made with love, that says a lot—a physical display of consideration and care. As craft admirers, we know how satisfying it is to create something original, and today we’re exploring the fun world of cardmaking.

Exploring the Craft: 

Making cards is an art form that allows for endless creativity; it’s more than just sticking pieces of paper together. There is a card for every occasion—birthdays, marriages, holidays, and casual greetings—and the options are virtually limitless. Of course at Sensational Crafts we LOVE Cardmaking, in fact we started because Yvonne found it very difficult to source great quality cardstock in the right colours for her handstitched cards!


Here are some basic things you’ll need to get to creating cards:

*: Cardstock: The base of your card; comes in a range of quality and brands. A good quality and heavy enough cardstock is the key to good cardmaking, at Sensational Crafts ALL our cardstock is Acid Free and Lignin Free, which means it will stand the test of time, imagine your great,great,great grandchildren seeing your handy work years from now! 

*: Decorative Paper: Well really once you have got your card blanks sorted, anything goes, you can layer, mat and other techniques, use paper from your stash, or something that was sent to you, or pop into your local craft store and grab something new, we would love it if you supported the little local one!

 You can use a variety of things like: Vellum, patterned paper, or specialty sheets like foil or glitter to add flair.

Embellishments: To add flair to your design you can add anything for example,  gems, ribbons, buttons, stickers, cut-outs, in fact anything to truss it up a bit.

Adhesives: this is our most common question. what do I use? Mostly we use double sided tissue tape, this comes in many brands and widths, some are fantastic , some are , well, lets say better left alone! Because we are cardmakers ourselves we only stock the good ones, and get a bit upset when one of our manufacte cash on foam adhesive for dimension, double-sided tape, and high-quality glue.

Tools: Punches, paper trimmers, scissor blades, and bone folders make crafts more accurate and straightforward.

Stamps and ink: Ideal for embellishing with words, pictures, and other designs.

Coloring supplies: Use color to breathe life into your works, whether you use watercolors, colored pencils, or markers.


Now that you have the supplies, let’s look at a few appreciated cardmaking methods:

Stamping: Use matching ink colors and transparent or rubber stamps to create unique designs.

Die cutting: Easily cut out complex designs, patterns, and forms with metal dies.
Embossing: Use a heat gun and embossing powder to add dimension and texture to your work.

Layering: Arrange die-cut pieces, paper, and decorations to create visual interest.
Watercoloring: Use watercolor paints or markers to provide a delicate, artistic touch.

Interactive features:

Use pull-tab devices, shaker cards, or pop-up features to surprise recipients.

Personal Touch: Personalization is what makes cardmaking so beautiful. With the addition of inside jokes, beloved colors, or meaningful words, every card becomes a unique representation of the relationship between the sender and the recipient. Give careful thought to the recipient’s tastes and adjust your design if necessary.

Spreading the Love: Now that your work is finished, let’s celebrate! You can improve someone’s day by sending your creative creation in the mail or delivering it in person.

In a nutshell the craft of cardmaking serves as a gentle reminder to slow down, connect with our creativity, and value the connections that truly count in an increasingly fast-paced society. So gather your materials, let your creativity run wild, and watch the magic of cardmaking happen. Regardless of your level of experience or inexperience, there’s There’s no wrong way to express yourself effectively. Happy creating!

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