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The Month Of November

How did November come so fast? Christmas is only 46 days away, how do i know this? My children are counting down till Santa comes! Are you ready for Christmas?

Yvonne has been working so hard on many Photo Album orders, they are absolutely stunning! She has also been working on end of year teacher gifts, Christmas cards you name it she has probably done it!

Calendars, end of year teacher gifts.
Christmas card
Christmas Card
Photo Album Yvonne has made.

Gary has been working hard behind the scenes with his laser cutting. Personalised Christmas Baubles, and a beautiful display for Christmas for a loved one who is no longer with us earth side. I am positive while he is busy working away he is coming up with some new dad jokes that i know so many love!

There are so many things you could put together for the perfect Christmas gift!!!

On Saturday the 5th was Calendar Club, if you were there you know how much fun this was!

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday is all day chat and craft day from 9am and its FREE!!!! You just bring along what you would like to work on and work with, and if you don’t have it you can purchase from the shop! This is a really good opportunity to catch up with friends and make some new ones in the process.

Saturday the 12th is layout with Sylvia and thats $25 and it will be from 9.30am till 12.00 noon or 12.30pm till 2.30pm, I am positive this will be super fun!

Saturday the 19th we have layout with Sandra and thats $45, 9am – 2pm, i have seen these layouts and they are absolutely gorgeous.

I (Hayley) have been busy working on the website , the Facebook page, and now even introduced Sensational Crafts to the TikTok world.. I must say my son Lucas has really helped in the TikTok department!!! I am so grateful that Gary and Yvonne have allowed me to do these, its really given me something to do through out the day while home with the beautiful Harrison. Im really enjoying working on the website and social media side in the background.

Please if you visit our Facebook page Could you please leave a review, this would be greatly appreciated!

This beautiful Village is a must see in person!!! Its absolutely STUNNING!!

Yvonne and Gary will be travelling to Sydney on Friday returning Monday, but don’t stress Sandra will be there for your crafty needs! Yvonne and Gary deserve this break and i hope they have a wonderful and relaxing time.

Untill next time, have a wonderful day crafting!!!

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  1. A sensational business run by fantastic people! Gary and Yvonne are extremely talented and know their customers and the craft needs of Casino, the Richmond Valley and beyond! I thoroughly recommend Sensational Crafts to all my family and friends and often do!

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