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Lockdown August

Well what an interesting few weeks, Gary is “trapped” in Brisbane under lock-down rules, Yvonne has been kept company in the shop with all our amazing customers coming in, wearing masks.

There was a funny post the other day with someones grandma wanting to know where to send all the QR codes she has taken photos of….. sort of makes sense, maybe a new layout idea

Of course this particular blog is to test the facebook lings to our blog, all the experts say we should do more blogs and get our website going so we can keep going and to share Sensational Crafts with the world!

While Gary was in Brisbane a few weeks ago he picked up an order from Studio73 and had a very long chat about all thinks crafty and webby! here is one of the beautiful layouts from Hetty Hall using Studio 73 items. you amaze us all the time!

3 thoughts on “Lockdown August

  1. Love it

  2. Enjoy being in lockdown Gary. The ladies down in Casino are enjoying scraping and keeping Yvonne busy.

  3. Love the layout – gorgeous papers. Sorry Gary has been locked away from home. Doing our best to keep Yvonne busy with the inspiration and help she continues to give us with her talented ideas.

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