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2023 already?

Amazing isn’t it? 2023 has started, and we are 1/12th of the way through it.

Yvonne and I are sitting at the shop today (Australia Day) doing a bit more for our retreat in April at Bonville, near Coffs Harbour. Of course, we are also doing some playing to create exciting things for classes and kits for everyone.

The last week of December didn’t really feel like Christmas, that is until the local grandkids got going, that was AWESOME! Then we had the Darwin family for a week, so we felt so loved, as well as tired and lonely when they went back!

Creative kids vouchers, as well as Back to School vouchers are available from Service NSW for our NSW people who can get into the shop, if you have friends or family with school-age kids let them know we can provide art and craft classes and products.

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The Trek, with a twist

This is a long update, from Gary, so grab a cuppa and sit back!

As most of you are aware, Yvonne and I are in the middle of helping our daughter and her family with their new defence posting to Darwin, as always, every move presents us with challenges and this one is a doozy!

Yvonne, Michelle, and 3 of our grandkids are stuck in a high-rise apartment building in Brisbane with 3 out of the 5 testing positive and feeling it.

Meanwhile, our son-in-law and I did the looooong drive from Brisbane to Darwin (3500km) with one of us testing positive on arrival in the NT prompting us to be placed in Howard Springs ”Centre for National Resilience “ for at least 6 days. While Nick and I get 3 meals a day and don’t have 3 bored kids to entertain while feeling the effects of this, Yvonne and Michelle have to entertain and feed all 5 of them in isolation, and I wish I was there to do my share.

We really appreciate Sandra & Debbie, Yvonne’s sisters, for keeping the shop going while all this hoohaa is going on, and I know I left a bit of shoomozzle behind for them to contend with, honestly we were only going to be gone for “a few days!”And finally to our friends, who are also our customers, for their support and well wishes, and for putting up with no workshops or classes this month or Yvonne’s creative input or my my cups of tea and coffee!

Once again, thank you all!

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The New Year …..

G’day, everyone, I have been a bit slack with updating the blogs on here, so as Yvonne and I have a bit of downtime, helping our daughter move to Darwin I thought I would update our Blog, so grab a cuppa and sit back and read!

Studio 73 has released a fantastic range (as always!) and as Yvonne is having a Nanna nap with young Henry, the red head!, I have no idea what the range is, but I do know I can’t tell you until tommorrow! (5 Jan 2022), pop over to studio 73 to have a look. Also the Mintay papers have been flying out the door on our website, I reckon we must be the only place with some of the range left!

Hope you all have a great afternoon/night/morning

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Paints Paints Paint

G’day everyone,

I knew I had to put something up here to keep you all informed, and as always I have no idea what to write, we have so many new things in store!

Every day we get more stock in, and Yvonne has been putting it up on our website as it arrives in, it has been a MAMMOTH task, and to be honest, I still can’t work out what we need to do on the website, so I will keep doing these amazing blogs!

I thought I better highlight some of our new stock, we now have over 50 colours in our Jo Sonya paint range in series 1 and series 2

Jo Sonya Paints

I feel proud to be able to supply local artists with what they need, therefore we also have a collection of brushes too! Sable, Deer Foot, Synthetic, etc as well as 0,1,2,4, and other sizes. If you are after a particular brush we can source it.

Some Brushes

so to finalise off this Post, blog, or whatever we call it now days

See ya!

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Wee Waa, Wagga Wagga & Woy Woy

Well, I wasn’t going to type just wee, was I?

We are always excited here at Sensational Crafts, yesterday we got 3 parcels, one was from Tina who sent us our iCraft products again, and I reckon the iCraft wall is starting to look good, here is a pic

iCraft Range

we have a few of the amazing ready to assemble albums, as well as some” add on elements” and “insta transfers” there is also some sort of acetate pretty flower things, you may have to pop in and ask Yvonne what they do!

Easy 3D toppers

We also got our shipment from Hearty Crafts in Holland. lots and lots and lots of pre-cut fun, and they run out the door, these stands were full yesterday, a few holes already, be quick, check them out on the website!

Well I better get back to designing Christmas stuff, keep tuned, and happy craftin’

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Christmas in August?

So excited every day,

lots of yummy stuff coming in and it is filling the shop to the brim.

Today we got a delivery from Couture Creations, Embossed paper supplies, Luci-clear and a few others….

And our new range of Australian Made resin. We have been negotiating with Luci-Clear for a while now, and we decided to bite the bullet and try the casting resin and the Art Resin to see how they come out. Each has a slightly different formula to make each project work